Azadi consulting provides the full range of professional services within the built-in Environment on any type of project regardless of size and value, starting from inception, conceptualization and viability jobs hiring near me stages throughout the design development, documentation, procurement, construction/ administration phase up to final account and close-out stage.

With our Services – It all depends on its size and the quality of its finishes. We possess the expertise and experience that enables you to plan for your project with an end result that suits you and ensure that you receive value for money. Whether it’s office blocks, flats, schools, universities, distribution centres, renewable energy plants, wind farms, petroleum project,  manufacturing plants, filling stations or a house, emergency services buildings, shopping centres, electrical sub-stations, furnaces/smelters & Cogen plants, or any other structure that requires the strict project control management, we’ve got you covered.


We provide specialized work in helping to assess risk, project cost control, and is involved in estimation, cost control, and risk analysis. Our cost engineers will make a budget, program, and track investment projects according to your business needs. Azadi strives to make the ideal balance between the price, quality, and time obligations.

Our qualified Personal’s will use all of their training, judgment, and expertise to apply scientific theories and principles to many problems of cost control, project control , business management, and profitability projection. We will also devote a significant amount of time to planning and scheduling. One of the primary things that we do is to come to precise cost estimates and projections so that we can avoid any kind of costs that go over budget or over schedule too.


Azadi Consulting is committed to the support of National imperatives such as sustainable development, poverty alleviation and job creation. Accordingly, we strives not only to create and support the creation of new jobs, but to sustain existing ones. Azadi Consulting believes that it imperative to plough back to the communities that have supported their growth over the years